World Famous
New Mexico Chiles!

Red Chiles, Green Chiles, Ristras & More!

A Functioning Chile Farm

It's a fun place … It's a working place … It's a functioning chile farm where we grow and dry chiles. We assemble Ristras on site and roast Chiles in season.

There's even a great Gift Shop offering a large selection of chile products, salsas and spices; plus decorative gourds, local produce, pecans and local honey. Oh, yes, don't forget the Mexican statuary, curios, hand-carved drums, wind chimes and more.

Be Sure to Visit!

Our working chile farm is conveniently located in historic La Mesilla, New Mexico on Highway 28 (2531 Avenida de Mesilla. If you need directions or want to place an order please phone us at (575) 526-8667.

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